Sad Walli _Fall / Winter 2014 / 2015

Based in Paris, Sad Walli is created by an Algerian-born designer, Walid Saidi. Characterized by creating a story in the history,it's an intimate novel reinterpreting historical architecture...

The designer’s work is defined by a razor sharp tailoring design. Meticulous details and refined textures are lying under the subtlety or the architecture and geometrical shape adaptation in every piece,SD's collections echoes masculinity and serenity.
Questioning the modern wardrobe, garments offer multiple expressions of contrasting elements with dress codes across cultural and historical spheres.


The Autmun Winter 2014 collection is all about that personal interpretation of the Middle East architecture. The attitudes and pieces are very focused on details inspired from the corridors and sculptures of Arabic Mosque. It combines very structural shape and traditional tailoring knowledge.

manipulating  Arabian featuring patterns to adorn the warrior-like long zipped coat as well as t-shirts backsides, mostly overlaid on knee-length tunics.

Sleeveless blazers emboldened by big and square shoulders and collarless shirts enriched by impeccably designed pleats completed the collection. Sad Walli bold decontextualization totally defined a cutting-edge subtle elegance.

Photos By Mickael B. Schnitzer