HOWL by María Glück Fall/Winter 2014

María Glück presented her Fall/Winter 2014 collection at EGO during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Maria Glück founded H O W L in 2012. She studied Fine Arts at University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU in Bilbao,and moved to Berlin as exchange student to attend two semesters of Modedesign at HTW Berlin. Maria decides to establish her atelier in Berlin and continue with her artwork.
With a background on visual arts and sculpture, Maria Glück decided to deepen her relation with fabric and texture, hence with fashion. It became her main interest to create collections with great challenge on fusion of materials, with creative unique shapes and with sustainable fabrics and production.
Maria Glück´ first collection was selected at EGO showroom for young designers at MBFW Madrid in 2012, when she presented H O W L. That same year, Maria Glück was finalist at III Bilbao Art & Fashion contest award.
H O W L by Maria Glück second collection FW 13-14 We are the Woods, was shown in the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Feb 2013. H O W L by Maria Glück presented in Berlin Fashion Week, her SS14 collection.
Maria Glück is currently desigining her FW 14-15 collection as well as presenting H O W L's online store with an exclusive production of FW 13-14 collection.
H O W L by Maria Glück creates high-end fashion with characteristic minimal shapes and elaborated textures. Handmade techniques mixed with a continuous research on materials (branches, flowers, cork, raffia or technological bio fabrics).
H O W L's statement involves the use of ecological and organic fabrics, recycled materials and fabrics, as well as fabrics that come from small mills and traditional techniques. Sometimes traditional ways of producing fabrics tend to disappear, and Maria Glück aims to support these production methods by integrating these materials into her designs and helping small communities with traditional and unique weaving techniques. Often the challenge comes by the addition and combination of unconventional fabrics to more classic ones: wood or cork in fusion with organic silk.
Yet not all fabrics are organic, as recycled or mixed and synthetic fabrics (that may come from a sustainable production) may be part of the collection. Digital prints and organic dyeing when it comes to colours. Production is local or regional (EU) and sustainable, respecting all rights and labor standards.
H O W L by Maria Glück has great interest on supporting women's empowerment, as well as artist and art collaborations. Artists are a vulnearable collective, and the designer aims to support artistic collaborations and projects.